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Twin Spica

for all your futatsu no spica needs

The Twin Spica Livejournal Community
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Twin Spica
Welcome to the Livejournal Community for the series, Futatsu no Spica aka Twin Spica.

Twin Spica was created by Kou Yaginuma. It has an manga of 15 volumes (on-going), an anime of 20 episodes (finished) and a drama of 7 episodes (finished). More information here, here and whatever search engines can help you find.

Here you can post whatever. Discussions, questions, contributions and anything else you can think of. Icons, fanfiction, fanart, wallpapers and anything else you'd like to share are more than welcome, so spam away.

Joining is recommended as some downloads are locked for the members only. If you don't have an account, create one.
On Joining

Be nice to everyone.
Feel free to introduce yourself.

On Posting

Make sure there's at least a nano-fraction of Twin Spica in there.
Completely unrelated posts will be deleted without prior notice.
Use an lj-cut if necessary (spoilers, possibly offending materials and large images).
Put a warning if it contains spoilers or mature content.
It's optional, but please tag your entries for easier navigation.

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